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Luxura Marketing and Design System


TSYS, Global Payments

Applied Skills

UX/UI Design, Creative Direction, Print Design, Motion Tools, Systems Design, Project Management

Made With

Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, After Effects, Figma, Adobe Acrobat

Project Goal

Create a new system for designers to utilize that will act as an asset library to help streamline the design process and help retain consistency among client projects. Marketing templates would need to be made for both print and digital.

Built out a new design system within Figma that set up each page of the rewards platform into templates that could be edited and modified. I then built out various modules for each section of those pages, individual element variations for those modules and then linked all of these together so that any changes could cascade through the system. Separate projects were set up within this system for each client. Templates were then made for various print and digital pieces that would act as base templates for client projects. I then trained my team on the system’s usage and began directing future projects to utilize it moving forward.

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