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Truist Rewards Website




Senior Lead UX Designer Specialist

Applied Skills

UX/UI Design, Creative Direction, Project Management, Systems Design, Presentation, Communication, Mentorship

Made With

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Jira, Invision


With the Suntrust & BB&T merger into Truist, the new company needs a new rewards site that will utilize their new tone of voice and branding. Truist wants this new experience to feel seamless from their banking site so that users navigating from banking to rewards would never feel as though they’ve left their banking experience.

Project Goal

Design a rewards experience utilizing Truist’s latest branding guidelines to create a seamless experience. Designs would need to be responsive, complete with product and monthly/seasonal offerings in mind.


Prior to my presentation with Truist, I was told by the project management teams that Truist’s design director at the time was proving to be difficult to work with. Being that this individual would be my primary point of decisioning for their design team I made it the strategy on my call to direct many of my questions and comments to them and developed a good rapport on the call that created a highly productive collaboration. Truist’s feedback was that the mockups utilized their branding so creatively that they wanted to update their own site to match going forward. The project management team made a point after the call to inform me that it was by far the smoothest interaction we’ve had with Truist and further noted that they had never heard the design director so happy before. We developed a strong rapport with Truist moving forward throughout the lifecycle of the product.

I began by working with the project managers to collect all relevant information and documentation for the updated branding that Truist had put together so far and reviewed my findings with the design, development, and marketing teams. Having worked with both BB&T and Suntrust, I was already quite familiar with their new tone of voice and branding requirements.

On a whiteboard I drew out the user flow through each of the landing pages for the rewards site. From there I worked directly with my design team to establish structure and to plan out modular spaces. Once the structure was established I began to mock up the designs within figma utilizing the Luxura design system I had set in place. I then gathered the design, marketing, and development teams to review and critique these designs in an open collaboration. I like to keep these reviews structured and productive so I set goals for each team during the review to keep us on track and productive in our critiques. The design team would handle branding review to keep an eye on usage throughout while marketing would look at feature spaces and modules to ensure alignment with future marketing plans. Lastly the development teams would look for any design features that might be out of bounds with current platform capabilities and to collaborate on plans for interactive elements throughout. Agreed upon edits were then cataloged and updates were made. A final review was used to confirm the updates throughout and check for anything missed.

With design, development, and marketing approval, I exported the mocks into Invision and created an interactive walkthrough to present to Truist. Working with the project manager, I set up a zoom meeting to present the new designs to Truist and requested they had representation from their branding and design teams present on the call that would be capable of providing insight and feedback. I then went on to preface the goal that our meeting would seek to achieve as my experience has shown to help guide and structure our call to be much more productive. The goal for the call would be to present the rewards site by showcasing the structure and user flow, highlighting modular features, and to review branding usage throughout the experience. I then made sure I had representation from each of my teams on hand to help field any questions and provide needed input on discussions.

On the call I began by restating our goal for the call and then proceeded to present my interactive mocks through invision. I walked through each module as I moved down each landing page explaining features and calling out places where their branding had been utilized. At the end of each landing page I would then reach out to Truist’s team for feedback and questions on the page and what was covered so far to help get the collaboration moving. All change requests and feedback were discussed and recorded to be further digested by a quick round table meeting after the call to plan next steps.

After updates were made and Truist approved; Final mocks, branding assets and figma links were handed off to the development teams. From here I would attend various touchpoint meetings throughout the development process to ensure alignment with final designs. During this time I would also attend further meetings with Truist to field any further feedback or questions on design elements and collect feedback. This process continues up to final product implementation with a final review of the live site by the teams to ensure alignment and discovery of any issues throughout.

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