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TD Bank Statement Inserts


TD Bank


Senior Lead UX Designer

Applied Skills

UX/UI Design, Print Design, Creative Direction, Project Management, Print Design, Presentation, Communication, Mentorship

Made With

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Jira


TD needs a series of statements to be designed throughout the year to showcase key site features along with other various marketing campaigns. These various types of pieces would need to utilize multiple mediums and distribution methods.

Project Goal

Determine the problem each piece is intended to solve and cultivate the appropriate medium and delivery. Each piece would need to be designed within Indesign with hi-resolution exports. Working directly with TD Bank and our print vendor, we would establish time tables for design, press checks, and mail out to coincide with campaign timelines.


Designed and worked with our print vendor to produce a series of campaigns that proved highly effective in driving customer redemptions. These pieces eventually led to the addition of dynamic QR codes with smart analytics and even augmented reality experiences. TD Bank continued to develop even more campaigns fostering new and creative approaches. A process that continues to this day.

Work for these pieces always began either on a whiteboard or within illustrator to determine a base framework. This also helped us determine what type of piece would be needed to accommodate the content and message being relayed. From there we began designing out each piece within Indesign while working with marketing and project management to acquire needed branding assets and source lifestyle imagery. Meetings were set up to review and critique designs throughout the lifecycle to ensure overall cohesiveness and branding usage. Final designs were exported to low-resolution pdfs and then presented and collaborated directly with TD Bank key stakeholders. Once final approval was in hand, hi-resolution pdfs were created and sent to our print vendor who we then worked along-side through press release for final checks and correction to eventual mail-out. Ensuring our team was on the mailing list, we would then review the finished pieces to check final condition through mail to ensure any needed corrections on future pieces could be observed and corrected. While originally designing and carrying each of these pieces throughout the product lifecycle I eventually began overseeing creative direction for and mentoring new talent brought into the team as we continued to produce campaigns for TD Bank each year.

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