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NFCU Rewards and Marketing Collateral




Senior Lead UX Designer

Applied Skills

UX/UI Design, Creative Direction, Communication, Presentation

Made With

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Jira, Invision


NFCU is rebranding and needs to update their reward’s site to meet with the new branding requirements. Since they would also be moving their site onto our new platform, this would require a complete redesign of their rewards experience that would leverage the new features and flow capabilities within the new platform.

Project Goal

Create a new rewards experience leveraging NFCU’s updated branding within the Luxura platform leveraging the new ignite design system. The site would need to have marketing spaces to leverage new features and updated flows that align with the new platform.


The new rewards site designs brought Navy Federal Credit Union back to the table in a big way, spawning multiple marketing campaigns and print projects. Along with designing the new site and several campaigns, I moved into a creative direction role.

This project began by sitting down with the project management and marketing teams to go over project needs and to gather all new branding assets and documentation from NFCU’s team. From there I held a meeting with my design team and Marketing manager to draw up the user flow and rough layout on a whiteboard ensuring we considered new features and marketing spaces to determine page and location within the flow. This also helped bubble up any unique needs requested from project management and allowed us to solve for these up front.

Once we had a working framework I then moved to figma and added in a new project space for NFCU where I began collecting client assets and pulling together the framework leveraging the ignite design system in place. During this time I held several touchpoint meetings to review feature placements and brand usage until we arrived at a finished flow built out within Figma. Once these designs were reviewed and approved, I moved the finished mocks into Invision to create an interactive prototype I could use to present the mocks to NFCU. I then worked with project management to set up a zoom call with NFCU and key stakeholders to present and discuss making sure to include our goals for the meeting to help structure the call.

When presenting to NFCU I began by introducing my team and stating the goals for the call and then proceeded to walk NFCU through the user flows calling out attention to brand usage and explaining any features and marketing areas to help elaborate on overall capabilities of the site. I took the opportunity during discussions to pitch utilizing Direct mailers and email campaigns as a solution for cardholder outreach and something new we were offering clients on the Luxura platform. After the call, I held a quick roundtable meeting with key stakeholders to review feedback and cover any new discussion points.

Changes were then reviewed and approved and the designs were then handed off to development where I remained an active role to guide and review as we made our way into implementation. Once implemented, final reviews were held for the live site to ensure consistency and so that any issues or bugs could be identified and fixed proactively.

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