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Spartan Fitness Tracker and Rewards Site




Senior Lead UX Designer

Applied Skills

UX/UI Design, Creative Direction, Communication, Presentation

Made With

Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision


Spartan needs a loyalty site that could act as both a fitness tracker and also give their spartans access to a rewards system. This system would utilize the Luxura product platform along with a custom stat tracker.

Project Goal

Create a loyalty experience that would utilize the luxura product platform. This experience would need to have a front tracking system that we would work directly with Spartan alongside our internal development team. The experience overall should appear seamless from Spartan’s own website and offer users front facing real time data with access to rewards for their program participation.


The new designs were a hit and got a unanimous thumbs up from their branding teams for a seamless look and feel. The tracker was implemented and worked just as designed. Unfortunately Spartan was unable to proceed at that time with implementation so the project was placed on hold until more funding could be secured.

Work began by meeting with project management and internal development teams to determine both feasibility and overall functionality of the tracker system. A rough layout was then drawn out on the whiteboard to organize features and establish flow. Once this was agreed on I then began designing the site within Photoshop. Working directly with developers I designed out the tracker along with a dynamic field that would update for each race participated in per user login. During this time several meetings were held to review with design and development and identify any issues or concerns with the new design. Once designs were finalized, I then brought the designs into invision as our presentation medium. A meeting was set up with project management with key developer stakeholders included and we presented the experience to Spartan.

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