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Terry Videos


TD Bank

Applied Skills

Graphic Design, Animation/Motion Tools, Creative Direction

Made With

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

Project Goal

TD Bank wanted to create a series of marketing videos that would showcase banking benefits while also leveraging their rewards site. These videos would be in a series that would rollout with the release of their new rewards site and rebrand.

Came up with the user persona “Terry” to humanize the videos and create a use case for how clients could fully utilize their benefits and rewards platform. Created a series of videos that showed Terry using the platform while also educating users of benefits and options and contracted professional talents for the voice over. Each video had full transcripts and closed captioning with ADA compliance in mind. TD Bank loved the concept of Terry so much, they wanted to make her the face of their other marketing videos. Eventually we brought in our motion tools expert to create a 3D model of Terry using Cinema 4D so that we could manipulate Terry within a 2 dimensional scene and reuse her for various animations in the new series of videos. In total, 16 videos were created, optimized, and spread across their education pages and youtube channels.

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